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Laser Based Machine Alignment Services and Systems

AIM, founded in 1996, is a leading provider of laser based process alignment services, laser machine alignment, laser equipment alignment and laser measurement systems in the Central and Eastern United States and Canada. We service many different industrial fields, but specialize in metals, paper and plastics.

The experts at AIM provide more than just measurement data. AIM is an industry leader in laser based measurement and machine alignment services with the ability to solve complex process problems. Our achievements in process improvements are second to none. Our experienced engineers and technicians have in-depth process knowledge and are trained in the use of advanced laser based measurement equipment and methods. AIM personnel hold several patents on laser equipment and processes. Learn more about the AIM ADVANTAGE here.











Lasers vs. Optics
Laser vs Optical Alignment


Why is Alignment Important?
Process alignment is a foundation to process control. Proper machine alignment addresses a wide variety of process, quality, machine and equipment problems. The use of advanced laser machine alignment systems ensures the accurate alignment of equipment and yields a wide range of benefits such as improved product quality, faster line speeds, extended equipment life, reduced waste and downtime. Contact AIM to learn more about our laser machine alignment services.

What is the Benefit of a Single Baseline?
The best datum for aligning equipment is the process centerline. The AIM method of using an offset baseline creates a universal reference for the entire process. Using the single baseline eliminates the multiple setups required with conventional optics, improves accuracy, increases speed and allows the data to be repeated at unrelated time intervals.

What is a Laser Tracker?
Much hype has been made of the Laser Tracker systems currently available on the market. These are sophisticated systems that were originally designed for use by NASA to measure the gimballing motion of the rocket vectoring nozzles. AIM founder, Bill Wick, was involved in the development of one of three manufacturers Laser Tracker systems. The use of Laser Tracker systems in a clean, stable and controlled environment has been successful (i.e. aerospace and some automotive). However the application of the Laser Tracker in a typical industrial setting has been less successful. Customer feedback indicates repeatability of the Laser Tracker becomes the most significant issue in many industrial settings.

AIM believes it is ethically and professionally responsible to practice safe work habits. Your business can have peace of mind knowing that AIM has gone more than 8 years without an OSHA recordable accident. AIM takes a proactive approach by beginning every service appointment with a safety huddle to review and discuss job scope for a safe and efficient work day. We are a member contractor with ISNetworld, an industry-leading provider of safety and health conformance verification.

Laser Based Patents
At AIM innovation is always in motion! Our passion for excellence has led us to develop fixtures, methods and non-contact measurement systems that are unmatched in the industry. AIM personnel hold several patents on laser equipment and processes. Simply put, AIM can do things no one else can. Among these is the ability to measure enclosed rolls (i.e. furnace rolls, acid rolls, etc.) Contact AIM today and put our creativity and experience to work for you.

AIM was recently featured in the March/April issue of Paper360 Magazine for their ongoing success in solving process problems in the paper industry. AIM can help you solve your process and quality problems!

Recent Customer Testimonial

"AIM did fantastic work yesterday here on our line in TN. They worked their tails off for 12+ hours, went the extra mile and did all we asked and more. As a result, we have a much better, accurate measurement of the location of our line control problems and where we need to focus our attention. Thanks very much and I would recommend your services to anyone with potential alignment issues."
- International Plastics Supplier

"AIM is fast! They can collect the data in a couple of hours and use the rest of the shift to help us make corrections. It takes the optical guys a full 8 hours just to collect the data - no time to make changes."
- Global Supplier of Specialty Paper


Emergency Service

Have an urgent need for machine alignment services? Use our Emergency Service Form to  contact AIM outside of normal business hours.

Case Studies
Alignment Case Studies

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